Training as a beautician. Content. Practice Nourishing cosmetics Skin assessment Skin cleaning

Eyelashes and eyebrows as well as shaping Facial massage.

Use of packs and masks as well as modeling Apparatus cosmetics Decorative cosmetics Slimming and cellulite therapy Hand and nail care (manicure) and varnishing Hand massage and care applications Depilation Industrial hygiene Mutual remedy and model operation.

Theory Anatomy Physiology Dermatology Histology Physics Cosmetics-related Chemistry Cosmetics-related Herbalism Nutrition Accident prevention First aid (first-aid education) Economic calculations English communication with prospects.


Within this course you might understand – based on the job description, all theoretical and practical knowledge – adapted towards the instruction of the apprenticeship, the activity to turn into a beautician. The education ends in the level ahead of the final apprenticeship examination. As a specialist, you’ll then have the ability to perform / be employed in this profession. You could grow to be self-employed in the event you meet the relevant entrepreneurial requirements. With this standard instruction it is possible to specialize in particular regions of cosmetics with extra coaching, like permanent make-up, eyelash extensions, and a lot more. You’ll get the required tools to be in a position to survive on the job industry as a beautician.

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This course is aimed at men and women who’re serious about extensive cosmetics instruction. People who choose to discover this profession after which prefer to perform inside the service sector. Individuals who could also plan to become self-employed later. Interested parties usually do not need to have to possess any knowledge or experience within this area.


Attending the facts event (BBNr 60220) followed by an interview is usually a prerequisite.

Interest in caring for the face and body. Healthcare interest, manual expertise in addition to a preference for? Working on people?. The completion from the 18th year of age when taking the final apprenticeship examination. Completed college education (compulsory college leaving certificate). Very good know-how of German is a prerequisite for understanding the contents of theory and practice and their interrelationships! Short and unpainted fingernails inside the practical element. The willingness throughout the education to understand and repeat the content outside the WIFI Institute at dwelling. The willingness to do? Homework? With small expenditure of time.


The course ends having a written, oral and sensible exam. The examination fee is included within the course fees; registration is required for the final examination (booking no. 60422). The aim of the education is definitely the extraordinary final apprenticeship examination. Please note that admission towards the extraordinary final apprenticeship examination is granted exclusively by the apprenticeship workplace in the Vienna Chamber of Commerce. We for that reason urgently propose which you clarify ahead of the start out on the course which specifications you have to meet to be able to take the exam. E: T: (01) 51450-6400.


Personal gear (function utensils, instruments, perform clothes, function shoes) will cost about EUR 400.00. All consumables are offered by the WIFI.

For admission towards the final apprenticeship examination, get in touch with the apprenticeship workplace Vienna, 1180 Vienna, W?hringer G?rtel 97, Tel. 01 514 50-2011.

Please note that admission to the extraordinary final apprenticeship examination is ONLY granted by the apprenticeship workplace. We therefore urgently suggest that you clarify with the apprenticeship workplace Just before the get started of the course which requirements you have to meet to take the exam.